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Innerflow pipe systems

Developed cohesive branding for the company so that it would be recognizable within the industry. Recreated and applied branding to existing company documents. Managed all social media platforms, created illustrations and infographics for social media use, and managed the company's website.


Designed a 50+ page product guide for engineers used for city repiping proposals using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Product Guide


social media and advertising research

Worked with four other students among different majors to research and develop a survey and research hypothesis focused on whether or not age, most used social media platform, how often a person posts content, and their main reason for using these platforms had influence on if a potential consumer clicked on and engaged with advertisements. The conclusion was that none of these factors had influence on a potential consumers engagement with ads. 

Of the 101 people surveyed, 93% said that they did notice advertisements on Facebook. Another study could be done to further understand why potential consumers are not engaging with these tailored advertisements.

Active family Magazine marketing intern

Managed all SEO Marketing for website to get website to the "top fold" of the Google search. Also managed key social media outlets to attract a broader fan base. Worked with the Publisher and generated the monthly events for the upcoming months that were sent to publish. Read over articles before they were sent to publish in print and on website. Worked on Fitness/ Health Guides, Private School Open House Guides, Couple’s Travel Destinations, Summer Camps, Summer Staycations, Hot Dining Spots, Girl’s Getaway, Shopping Guide, Holiday Travel Ideas, Gift Guides, and Ski Guides for the San Francisco East Bay Parent.  

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