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Serve Idaho Three Year Strategic Plan

Worked with a classmate to analyze survey data and focus group notes from nonprofit organizations in Idaho. We created the goals and objectives for Serve Idaho's three year strategic plan to increase volunteerism, volunteer retention, and education of nonprofits throughout the state of Idaho.

Blacklight Bubble Party Volunteer Coordinator

I successfully coordinated with the Blacklight Bubble Party 5K Fun Run Director to create a fundraiser for Special Olympics Idaho. Handled all media promotions, volunteer coordinator, worked with the BBP Director on the Charity Beneficiary Contract, and was on site for all volunteer's needs.

Coyote Design Employee Handbook

Three other students and myself were assigned to rewrite and add to an Employee Handbook from a local Boise, ID business. We were graded on legality first and then whether or not the company liked it. We received very high marks and the company now uses this handbook for their current and new employees.

Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) Grant Application

Two other students and myself were tasked with finding, writing, and applying for a grant for a local nonprofit (Boise Urban Garden School).

SO ShoutOut 2014

SO ShoutOut is a Special Olympics Idaho social mediapaolooza engaging Champions of our organization to spread the word and raise awareness about the power of sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities across a variety of social media platforms.

We created an agenda of topics where each hour had a new topic that SO Shouters posted and shared about on their social media platforms. This was a great way to engage many people from the state and even across the nation through social media and creating conversations through our posts and stories.

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